Wednesday, January 29, 2014

November Treats

My cousin, Marc, got married! It is always exciting when cousins get married. It was especially fun since they got married in the Draper Temple. Nancy was kind enough to watch Charlie for us so we could attend the ceremony. It is always such a special date activity to be able to go to a wedding! 

Marc and Andrea

The Phillips Boys

Me and Erin

We got to extend our date over to the luncheon held in Sandy. Between the luncheon and the reception we went back to Alpine to get Charlie, and then it was time again to drive right back to Sandy for the reception. 

The luncheon

We had a fun time with family, and extended it even more as we went to dinner with Paul, Mandy, Lily, Steve, and John. Mind you this was about 9 at night, so not the brightest parental move...but we were craving some good Mexican, and Paul and Mandy swore by Los Cucos near the South Towne Mall. So we braved the late hour and ate delicious Mexican food until we were stuffed! Luckily, there was a TV showing a basketball game, so that kept Charlie content as he sat there getting more and more tired.

Another fun family thing in November was Jason’s aunt and uncle came to visit. Jason’s Uncle Jim and his wife, Patience, came and stayed with Nancy and George. Their main priority was to visit Grandma Gruber, but we got to take advantage of their stay. I have only met them, I think, one other time, so it was fun to see them again. While we were there for Sunday dinner, these mystery blankets showed up on top our car and on top Max and April’s car. We still do not know who they were from, but the one we were given is a cute Winnie The Pooh patterned fleece blanket. It is so cute and soft. It was a gift for Charlie. Thank you mystery blanket givers!

We had another Charlie-free date in the beginning of November. Zach and Kaari had a babysitter for a night one weekend and so they invited us out with them. My mom and dad came over and watched Charlie while we went out and had dinner at Spicy Corea. Kaari had been craving Korean food, and Jason and I had never had it. It turned out to be really good food! For those kinds of restaurants, it is important to go with someone who knows what to order. (Amy and I went to a Vietnamese restaurant with no prior experience...yeah, that was a mistake!) Kaari definitely knew what to order. After dinner we had a quick dessert at Sub Zero, and then headed into the movie theater to see Gravity. Gravity was awesome! I was so stressed and tense the whole time, but I loved it! I definitely never want to go to scary!

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  1. You look adorable!!! Is Los Cucos really a good Mexican restaurant?? I am so wary of Mexican food here! Mmmm now I'm craving Korean again haha.