Saturday, January 25, 2014

While Daddy Was Gone

Charlie and I actually had a really fun time while Jason was gone fishing. Of course we missed him, but we filled our time with fun things and had a blast. What made it especially fun was the morning that he left, he surprised us with three large brown bags on the table. Each one was labeled with a day that he would be gone. So each day, we had a fun little gift from Daddy to open. The first day was a pack of hot wheels for Charlie to play with, and then a pair of extra warm socks for me. Jason sure knows my heart! I always have cold feet, so I love to cozy up in big, thick, warm socks. These socks supposedly kept your feet seven times warmer than average socks. I couldn’t have been happier. The gift on the second day was a fun John Deere truck that lit up and made noises. Charlie was really excited...and I was too...except for the constant repetition of “Nothing runs like a Deere!” He also gave us the movie, Shrek 2. Charlie loved it! On the third day, the gift was a small stuffed Mickey Mouse. He loved the Mickey as well, giving him many hugs. Mickey has joined Eeyore as a permanent crib mate.

On Thursday, we kept things pretty mellow and just stayed at home. I worked during his naps. On Friday we spent the day with Kaitlyn Pacada. Luckily for us, Michael was out of town too, so we got to make a whole day affair of it. We had lunch at the Trellis Cafe at Thanksgiving Point. It ended up being the last weekend that it was open for the season, so we really lucked out. After lunch, we came back to put Charlie down for a nap. While he napped we watched the first Hunger Games. In the evening, before it started to get dark, we hit up the farmers market at the Riverwoods. Kaitlyn bought a few produce items, and we both got a delicious pineapple salsa to share. While we were there, we stopped at Williams Sonoma for some samples and to pick up some vanilla paste. Kaitlyn swears by it! She says it tastes better and you can use a third the amount as you would of vanilla extract. So far we have really liked it as well. For dinner, we headed back to our apartment. Earlier that day we had prepared some stuff in the crockpot so it would be ready by the time we got back. Kaitlyn brought some delicious Tikka Masala from Costco. We cooked it with some chicken, made coconut rice, made homemade naan bread, and had some grapes. It was a delicious dinner. After putting Charlie to bed, we stayed up and watched some random documentaries on Netflix. All in all, a very successful and fun day!

At Trellis

We spent the next day with Amy Stallings. I met up with her at my parents house in Draper. My parents and Bryan were away at Wolfcreek for one of his bike races. When we got there, we were surprised to see Camry there with her friends. I didn’t realize they were there sleeping in, so I felt really bad waking them up. But it was fun to have a little bit of time to see Camry before they left back for Provo. Amy and I really packed the day full of fun things again. We finished our childhood video game, Kings Quest 7. We anticipated playing it for a few hours that day, but we finished it abruptly. It ended a lot sooner than we thought. It really felt great to finally beat the only took 20 years! Thanks again to Tyson who made the dream come alive again and made it possible. We then had lunch at Smashburger. After lunch, we came back and did a fun work out video. Man, I am definitely not in the shape I once was in. I do not have the same energy or flexibility. I need to make that a New Year’s resolution! After putting Charlie down for his nap, we watched War Horse on my parents projector and painted our nails. By dinner time, we had said goodbye to Amy and we were back at home enjoying a simple meal.

On Sunday, it was Greta’s baby blessing. It was too bad that Jason was not here for it, but I was glad to represent. The blessing was beautiful, and we had a yummy Mexican taco lunch (with ALL of the fix-ins) at April’s sister, Vicki’s, house. Charlie had a blast wandering through the big house, climbing stairs, going in rooms, and walking across the balcony hall upstairs.

Little Greta on her special day!

We had a fun weekend, but we sure were glad to see Jason when he got home that night! I was so glad to see him home safely and that he had had a great fishing trip.

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