Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Halloween Festivities

This year for Halloween, I struggled for awhile with what we should be for Halloween. I wanted the three of us to be connected with a theme. Usually Halloween is a no brainer because Jason and I are always the same thing every year: Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley (see here and here). Last year, we dressed Charlie up as Dobby and it was perfect! Now that this was Charlie’s second Halloween, I felt a strange sort of obligation to do something different. I felt like I owed it to Charlie’s childhood to do something new each year. Not sure if that is a legitimate obligation that I felt, but either way...that is how I felt. So I spent a good part of October considering many options. Several of the options that I wanted to pursue required Jason to be either practically naked, dressed in a huge furry suit, or as a prince. So those were quickly denied. One day, Jason finally came up with (quite easily) the idea that we should be Tres Leches - a mexican dessert cake that uses three different kinds of milk...hence the translation to “three milks”. The idea was simple, smart, and clever. I loved it! Jason was evaporated milk, I was sweetened condensed milk, and Charlie was heavy cream (of course).

The idea felt great until that moment that we had to put cans on our head and walk into the Ward Halloween Party. After a few moments of initial embarrassment, we held the cans high as we walked proudly through the party. We had lots of questions, and assumptions of food storage, but the final result was realization and appreciation. To keep the heavy cream on Charlie’s head, we had to staple it to his hat. We were so thrilled and relieved that he kept it on almost the entire night. When dressing him at home, he immediately threw off the hat. So we were so happy that he kept it on for the party so our threesome could be complete.

We even made the dessert with our emptied costumes that week. It was definitely an addicting treat. I thought it was even better the second day.

On Halloween Day, we met up with the Grubers in Riverton. We had yummy pizza, passed out candy, played a little on their piano, and watched Greta while Max’s family went out trick-or-treating. After our fun in Riverton, we headed to Draper to meet up with my family. Bryan had done a little of his typical driveway decorating (with cars, blinking lights, and caution tape), but he spent most of the night at a party (I believe). We hung out with my parents (who were dressed quite scary for Charlie’s taste) and enjoyed goodies and pumpkin bread.

With Grubers:

With Arbons:

"Scary" Grandma & Grandpa

Helping himself to some pumpkin bread

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  1. Way to break away from the HP!!! Haha just kidding :)