Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Halloween

We had a fun-filled Halloween season this year. It was especially fun thinking of and preparing for what Charlie would be for Halloween. Our first Halloween event was our Ward Halloween Party. That was such a surprisingly fun event. It was really cute to see all of the kids in their costumes...but even more fun was seeing the adults in their costumes. They had the place all decked out with Halloween decor and goodies. They had different Halloween stations that the kids could go to and participate in. We even had a special treat with the teachers in Young Mens perform a “break-dancing” number. So hilarious!

Harry Potter, Ginny, and Dobby!
(I know, I know, we have been Harry and Ginny the past several years...but we couldn't pass up the chance to make Charlie Dobby!)

Halloween day came and I couldn’t believe how warm it was! It seems like each year, the day Halloween hits, it turns freezing cold outside. This year, it was really nice out...only needed a light jacket. Earlier in the day, I went to Draper to visit my mom. We enjoyed a nice walk with the stroller (as Charlie required us to hold him most of the time). 

The great entry-way at my parent's house

In the evening, we went up to Riverton to celebrate the holiday with the Gruber family. They treated us with a delicious Papa Murphy’s Pizza dinner. Charlie was pretty cranky, so we stayed behind with him and passed out candy. Even though we had cranky Charlie on our hands, Karl was still able to pull out one of his first giggle fits (at this point he had only laughed once for my Grandma Arbon and once for my mom).



The weekend after Halloween, we headed up to Idaho for our famous Halloween party. With the passing of Grandma and Grandpa Rich earlier in the year, we felt it was really important that the family was able to gather and celebrate in their house. Jason, Charlie, and I drove up with Camry, Kimberly, Kyle (Kim's boyfriend), and Bryan. Charlie was great for the first half of the drive, but horrible the second! The others in the car got a good taste of crying baby!

At nights, we played round after hilarious round of mafia...staying up until about 2 in the morning in Grandma and Grandpa’s basement. So fun! Such great memories! But I’m pretty sure we are not going to be playing the game mafia for awhile...a little burned out.

The afternoon of the Halloween party, we drove a ways off the main road to do some target shooting. Most of the cousins and aunts and uncles were there. So fun! I felt so tough! Some of the guns included: 30-06, black powder 50 caliber muzzle loader, 9 mm, 22’s, AR-15. It was a cool, unexpected activity.  

Setting up

For the Halloween Party, the aunts pulled out all of the stops. So many cute and yummy treats and great costumes. We had a blast!

Eyeball Donuts

Owl Cookies

Chocolate Witch Hats

Bat Brownie Bites

Spider Donuts

Hard Boiled Brains

Jello Worms

Carrot Fingers

The entrance

The perfect Dobby!

Tyson as a great hippie

Creepy decor

Watching funny family videos

 Helping Richelle and Garrett move earlier that weekend...

...while we supervise

Such a fun and memorable Halloween!

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