Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Parent's Disney Adventure

My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this year (well, in 2012)! Thirty years of beautiful, loving marriage! What a great example of marriage they are to me and Jason. To celebrate this special year, my dad took my mom on a week long cruise. They went on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship that went to the Caribbean and included ports like Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and Disney’s private island. They had such a blast, taking full advantage of the many excursions offered (like para-sailing, swimming with dolphins, and dune-buggies) and staying up late each night (most of the ship was deserted by the time they went to bed). I am so happy for them and for the memories they were able to create and enjoy. 

While they were enjoying their luxurious cruise, they asked that Jason and I come to stay with Bryan. This arrangement worked out great...my parents didn’t have to worry a single minute, because they knew Bryan was being well taken care of, and Jason and I got to enjoy the nice spacious house and master bedroom. Jason had work each day, but he would drive back to Draper for the evenings. 

 The day we arrived, it snowed so hard!
Lucky Mom and Dad...escaping the cold!

The first weekend we were there, Kim was home to visit. That was fun having her stay and hang out for a bit. We took them to Scheels (such an awesome new store) and enjoyed lots of “nutritious” food and snacks. Kim made homemade granola, and we had brought homemade chili and salsa with us to Draper. It was a fun “veg-out” weekend. We played Life and Monopoly...I know, totally random, but surprisingly really fun!

 One of the frogs died while we were there...how sad

During the week, Jason would go to work, Bryan would go to school, and Charlie and I would just hang out at my parents house. He loved laying on their bed and watching TV. Amy visited a couple of times and I went to visit Erin one of the days. I was also busy working on a project for some Thanksgiving table decor....that was just around the corner. 

He loves sitting to the side like this in his Bumbo

Bryan was so easy to "tend" (he is almost 14 for goodness sake). When he got home from school, we would have some kind of snack (usually a smoothie from my mom’s Blendtech, or something like that). He would then get right down to getting his homework done. When he finished his homework, he would watch one or two of his favorite shows (the show of the week was Adam-12). Dinner was really easy, because my mom had stocked the fridge and freezer with lots of delicious Costco food (including frozen pizzas, teriyaki bowls, philly cheesesteak sandwiches, burritos, and the list goes on). By dinner time, Jason would return from work and we would spend the rest of the evening playing Monopoly. We were addicted! It was so fun! We haven’t touched Monopoly since, but it was such a fun activity that week.Charlie was so good...just sitting in his Bumbo on the table, watching us play...almost the entire time each night.

We quite enjoyed ourselves that week...I daresay, not as much as Mom and Dad, but we had a good time. I told them, any time they would like to go again, we are down to come stay with Bryan.  

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