Wednesday, October 21, 2015

August 2015 - Dates and Alpine Days

We had my friends, Jaleah and Bryton, and their families over for a BBQ and belated housewarming party. Bryton had never been to the house, so it was about time we had them over. It was a lot of fun. Bryton and Jake had to take their kiddos home to bed, so Jaleah and Mark stayed for a game of Settlers of Catan (big surprise).

Jaleah informed me of a dance class deal on Living Social. It had been awhile since we had taken a dance class together, I am pretty sure it was before Charlie was born. The downside is that the class is in Salt Lake, but that just means more time together as we carpool. We have been to one dance class so far, but have nine more to cash in on. I have zero flexibility nowadays, but it just feels good to move like that again!

I was really spoiled in August with time with friends. I had a girls night with Kerstin and Alisha where we had dinner at Olive Garden, which was a blast, then we made a quick stop at the Dollar Store to pick up some candy for the movie, Jurassic World. Such a fun night!

We had our ward campout...well, sort of. Jason and I had been wanting to take the boys camping, so the ward campout was a perfect opportunity. As the time approached, we debated whether or not it would really be a good idea and how it would work out with Colson’s sleeping and all of that. The day came and it was raining hard. The campout was canceled, but the activities and the cobbler cook off were moved to a ward member's house, the Nimmers. We joined up with about 30 other people from the ward for cobbler, games, and good company under a canopy in their backyard. Good times.

A soupy, but delicious, citrus banana cobbler...needed more time to cook

And then it was Alpine Days! We love this time of year! We had a great time at the parade, sitting right in front of the Gruber’s house, collecting loads and loads of candy, and eating Daylight Donuts. After the parade we went to the festivities in the park and got some street tacos for lunch.

That night, we had a “birthday party” to go to. It was Kathleen Gundersen’s 40th birthday, so she had an adult party playing Bubble Ball Soccer at the park. It was a blast! Kathleen is one of the ladies that heads the stake soccer group that I have been to a few times (a crawling Colson has really put the nix on my attendance as he can no longer be kept on the stage and would have just cried in a pack-n-play). Bubble Ball Soccer is where you wear these huge bubbles and run into each other as hard as you can to knock each other over. It is bumper cars soccer. It is hilarious! And very tiring!

We had Kim and Kyle over to play Settlers of Catan one night. (Holy cow, writing this up is really making me realize the ridiculousness of our obsession! To our defense, since you have to have at least four players, we had to take any chance we could get to play it.)

Jason and I had a date night. I finally cashed in on my birthday present from Karl: tickets to a movie and free babysitting. We saw the new Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. We really enjoyed it.

We helped Greta and Max celebrate their birthdays by attending their birthday dinner. It was yummy, as always, and a great time.

Party complete with pinata!

Mya, Peyton, Elsa, Charlie

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