Monday, October 26, 2015

Colson’s Ninth Month

(July 6 - August 5)

Colson is doing better and better with the formula. At the beginning of the month, I was able to give him two to three bottles a day to supplement nursing. I am thrilled to finally see this progress. He can even hold his own bottle while lying down. By the end of the month, his formula drinking was awesome! He would drink six ounces in one sitting before naps and bed. My routine after feeding him the bottle was burping him and then laying him down in his crib, even if he was awake. He might whine for a minute or two, but he would usually fall asleep pretty quickly. I am so happy!

We have teeth! His top left and bottom left teeth cut through. Late in the month, Colson had two more teeth. His second and third upper teeth came in. That makes three teeth on the top, and one tooth on the bottom. He didn’t stop there. By the end of the month, his bottom right tooth joined the crew. That’s a total of five teeth, with more on the way. Five teeth in one month! As you can imagine, teething was very painful for him! It was a difficult time. Poor guy.

Colson loves to eat things from his fingers, like mashed bananas and mangoes. He loves the pureed sweet potatoes. One of his favorite things is to hold onto an apple slice and suck on it. We have also started using this baby mesh strainer or net, and he has loved it! We have put in watermelon, grapes, frozen peas, mango, peaches, blueberries, bananas, and other things; it is perfect! You put the food in the pouch, and he is able to gnaw on it while the juices of the food seep through the small holes without the danger of choking. It is brilliant!

Colson is one cute little boy. We get lots of comments from people on how cute and handsome he is.

At the beginning of the month, Colson started pushing up onto his knees. We knew crawling was just around the corner. And we were right! On July 22nd, at eight months old, Colson started crawling! This stage definitely came faster than we expected. With all of this teething and crawling going on, it is no surprise that he is putting EVERYTHING in his mouth! He finds anything and everything on the floor possible. He is our vaccuum! His favorite area is on the floor beneath Charlie’s kitchen chair. He is our puppy waiting for table scraps. He also loves to pull himself up onto his knees and feet when he is at my knee or at the base of the stairs. He is so proud of himself when he can pull himself up and stand there. He loves to crawl towards something quickly and then dive his face and mouth into it, like my knee or teddy bear. He gets a kick out of it. It is pretty cute.

Colson loves being wherever Charlie is. Colson gets so excited going into Charlie’s room in the morning or after Charlie’s nap to let him out. He starts bouncing in my arms when we are at his door.

Colson got another cold during this month. However, it could have been the teething.

Just as any baby does, Colson has the softest skin. I love feeling his little soft hands sliding or rubbing on my arms while drinking a bottle.

I do have to admit, being a mother of two boys leaves little time for personal things during the day. I rarely wear makeup during the week, which has never been my style or way of doing things. The only times I would allow myself no makeup was when I knew I wouldn’t see anyone that day or I wasn’t going anywhere. Now with the business of boys, going to the gym, working from home, keeping house, etc. I will allow myself to go to the store and other places without makeup now. It is only when I am going somewhere and will see someone that I know that I consider wearing makeup, and even then it is debatable. I guess the truth comes down to valuing as much sleep as I can get. The boys are my alarm in the morning. I don’t want to wake up until absolutely necessary, and as a result, there goes my self-prep time.

Speaking of going to the store, Colson is able to sit in the cart now without a car seat. He loves sitting there and looking around. It is great! More importantly, I don’t have to lug him around anymore in the car seat. That thing gets really heavy, really fast!

Pictures from July 4th:


Pioneer Day


Colson and Penelope - 11 days apart


Colson gets plenty of cousin-lovin'

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