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July 2015 - More Holidays and Tuttles Visit

Growing up, I have always loved Draper Days. For one reason or another, Jason and I have rarely been able to go together, so this year it was a fun treat. We met up at the parade with my family. The weather was perfect! The boys really enjoyed it; Colson loved dancing to the marching bands. Next up was lunch. Then my mom introduced Pickle Ball to us while Colson slept. It was quite a fun game. Then we went swimming at Lifetime Fitness (my parents are members). On the way home, we stopped at Costco. Once home, we had pizza and chicken for dinner. Kim and Tyson were also there for dinner before they went with my dad to the Van Halen Concert. My mom was nice enough to offer to stay home with Colson, so we put him to bed and then took Charlie over to the Draper Days festival. It is crazy how much more of a production it is now. The bulk of the carnival fun is now in a part of the park that never even housed anything in past years. It is huge. The entertainment was big too, with Colin Ray performing; Jason was quite excited about that. We had a good time walking around and seeing all of the action. Once it got dark, we headed to the park next to the new high school to avoid getting stuck in the traffic jam at Draper Park. It was a very fun and eventful day.

Finding Bryan at his Explorers post

The Tuttles came! We got really spoiled in July with family visitors. On Sunday, we had a big family dinner. On Monday, the cousins got together at Discovery Park to play and have a picnic. After that, we headed to Alpine for more fun and dinner.

Great Grandma Gruber

At Discovery Park:

The size difference between Colson and Penelope...reminder: Colson is 11 days older (and was born nine days overdue)!

For Pioneer Day, we were back in Draper with my family; this time everyone was there. We played some more Pickle Ball, ate dinner, and had a fun Pirate Night as we picked out our excursions for the cruise and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. Some of us also played Settlers of Catan. The boys even went and got some sparklers and aerial fireworks. We stayed over night, since it was a Friday, and woke up to a yummy breakfast and played the card game, Idiot. I believe only Camry was left still in Draper at that point, so we took her to Trader Joes and stopped at Aunt Erin’s to pick up my breast pump that she had brought back for me from St. George (I had left it there by accident). Jason and I didn’t have anything going on that day or night, so we ended up staying for another round of Settlers and had dinner.

Watching the Pickle Ball action

This is how Charlie felt about the fireworks. He was pretty scared. We had to go inside for the big aerials and watch them from the window.

Apparently, we were eager to play Settlers as much as we could because the next night we had Amy and Johnny come over for dessert and Settlers of Catan! We should really take it easy. Or at least we should be pros by now, but that is not the case.

The next week was filled with unexpected play dates. Kaari Winger and her kids were in town and she needed a last minute sitter, so Georgia and Boston came to play for a short time. Kaari brought back some lunch for us from Sweeto Burrito and we had a good time catching up. The next day, Shannon needed some help, so Phoenix came over to play for a little while. They are such good buddies, and they usually play so well together. Whenever we drive by his house, Charlie likes to point it out.

Phoenix and Charlie

We had a neighborhood block party. It was really fun and great weather. It is so bizarre realizing how old you are, attending a block party in a neighborhood that you legitimately belong to because you own the house and that it is different from the neighborhood you grew up in! I am not sure if that made sense, but you grow up as a kid with your neighbors for most of your life, and now we are in a new chapter of our lives, creating a family of our own and making new relationships with new neighbors that will be such a big part of our childrens’ lives! The cycle continues. Though it is different than what we have known all our lives, we love our neighbors and really feel safe and loved here.

Humpherys, Steeds, Bolivars, Sellars


Darla and Jeff Lambson, Kamika and Angela Fisher, Terry Laird

My boys

Here is a look at our yard and home in July:

Several of our garden harvests:

we got some good sized strawberries...we were shocked and thrilled...especially considering we were originally just going to rip the plants out

Our first batch of garden salsa. 
Our tomatoes were slow to ripen this year so I believe we had to buy some tomatoes for this batch.

decorations for the 4th of July

Finally finding some decor for the piano

Some fun Disneyland prints that Jason found

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