Thursday, September 1, 2016

April 2016 - General Conference and a New Ward

For General Conference weekend we were spoiled with family. The Tuttles came into town Friday night and we met up with them for a pizza dinner. The other Gruber kids were there too while Max and April went to Max’s mission reunion. On Saturday, we returned to Alpine and hung out; we watched conference and enjoyed playing outside. We also returned on Sunday morning for more conference and to celebrate April’s birthday.

Charlie was stoked to finally be sitting at the big kid table.

We still managed to keep busy throughout the month of April. I went to the Curiosity Museum with my mom. She had never been so I was excited to take her. It was pretty busy though because of Spring Break. Another day this month we went to Farm Country with the Grubers. And another day we went to the Tulip Festival! We sure have been maximizing our Thanksgiving Point Membership. I am so grateful for that thing!

Colson loved riding on the pony. He was very sad to get off.

We, well mostly Jason, added a brick border to the flower garden on the left side of the front yard. It looks so much better now; it is just a lot more clean and classy. I am stoked!

This is what it looked like last May.

I went to a bridal shower for my old coworker and friend, Brittany Jaynes. It was outside and probably the prettiest and fanciest shower I have ever been to. We sat on colorful pillows and ate food by a professional caterer. The table was lined with pineapples filled with beautiful flowers and succulents. But above that, I had a great time catching up with some of my favorite Vivint girls: Patti, Casey, and Brittany.

Our ward was completely dissolved! We were completely shocked! They took the entire stake and changed the ward boundaries. So our old 6th ward was split into three different wards. We are now the Timpanogos Park 1st Ward and we meet at the Stake Center. Everyone was immediately released, and so we moved on to our next adventure and awaited our new callings. I was no longer the Relief Society Secretary and Jason was no longer the Young Men’s First Counselor. The first Sunday in our new ward was pretty cool. After sacrament we had a munch and mingle with cookies and water so we could get to know our new ward members. Then we split into classes for 45 minutes. We were out 30 minutes early and left by 1:30 pm. It was really cool!

We had another game night with the Bairds, Gibbs, and Paces. We went to Happy Sumo, got ice cream at Rockwell (a new favorite), and then came back to our house to play the Celebrity game (or at least that is what we call it).

Kim and Kyle’s wedding was coming up soon so we did wedding interviews with them at BYU. Amy and Johnny came to help and we used her camera to do the filming. We wanted to get some fun footage of them that we could put on the reception tables to promote PicSkip. There were three different cards with three different videos. It was really fun. A post about their wedding is coming soon.

And here are some more pictures from the month:

An update to my haircut

The boys have started loving coming into the grocery store with me. They drive the car, eat the free bakery cookie, and then pick up their Smarty treasure on the way out. I still do the online shopping most of the time, but when I do have to go in, it is not so bad.

Some FaceSwap time with the Grubers:

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