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May 2016 - My Birthday and Mother’s Day

The beginning of May of one of the best times of the year; bring on my birthday and Mother’s Day!

The day of my 29th birthday, Jason made a great breakfast, but was still really sick and in a lot of pain from the sore throat that developed while in Park City. At this point, we were pretty convinced that it was strep, so he self-diagnosed and started taking my face pills, Cephalexin, to kill it. After about ten days of indecision of whether or not to go to the doctor because of pain, it finally got better. Since he was sick on my birthday we decided to celebrate our date night the next week. The day of, however, George and Nancy met up with me and the boys at Discovery Park and they brought us McDonalds lunch and birthday cupcakes and cookies from Dear Lizzie. It was delicious! That was so thoughtful of them. That evening, I may not have been able to party with Jason, but my friend Amy seized the opportunity and we went to Bona Vita to celebrate both of our birthdays and we went and saw Allegiant.

A surprise birthday gift from my visiting teacher - Kathleen Gundersen

The next week when Jason and I celebrated, he got Kim and Kyle to watch the boys and then he took me to La Jolla Groves for dinner. I got the delicious salmon. I never order salmon at restaurants, but at La Jolla Groves I just love it! We did some shopping there at Called to Surf, and then stopped at Farr's before going to the Megaplex. It was a great night!

Pictures of the boys from Kim and Kyle:

The next day was Mother’s Day. Jason was back at it again spoiling me with a pancake breakfast. He got me a really cute new dress (impressive since he got it from the instagram shop, Poppy & Dot). It was a great day, and the icing on the cake was that Colson was finally old enough to start nursery that day! He did great and it felt amazing! That afternoon we headed to dinner at the Arbon’s where the women got spoiled again. George and Nancy were in Colorado for the week so we gave Nancy her gift at another time.

My new dress and my little boys

Killin' it at nursery...the only boy

As if that wasn't enough to satisfy our May, we had a lot more things happening. Jason was called as the Young Men’s Teacher Advisor in our new ward. He was stoked to be back in Young Men’s, but without the presidency responsibility that he had in our old ward.

We went to the Tulip Festival with my Mom.

Some of Charlie's photography:

A perk of Charlie's photography...a picture with my mom :)

We met up with the Tadje families and the Cooks. We had a good time hanging out at Nate and Sarah’s and ate pizza.

I met up with Bryton and Jaleah for my birthday at Noodles and Company. I love that we have kept up this tradition. I also went with Kerstin and Alisha to Training Table since it was closed the previous month when we tried to go.

Another Mother’s Day gift I always ask for is flowers for the garden. As I am still new to the whole flower garden thing, I wanted to switch it up and try new flowers this year. I learned lots from last year, but I have a long way to go. My goal this time was to keep up on the watering, especially the first two weeks after they were planted. I watered those babies like you wouldn’t believe and I anxiously watched them hoping they would live and thrive. After a few weeks, I was finally able to see that my efforts paid off and I think they turned out pretty good. We also planted our garden including onions, peppers, peas (planted too late and they didn’t do well), cantaloupe, zucchini, sweet potatoes (did not work out), tomatoes, pumpkin, and corn. The strawberries and raspberries grew back and did well.

We had lots and lots of rain this month and it helped our grass a lot. It’s amazing what water can do. The weather went from really hot to lots of rain throughout the whole month. It was a little nuts.

We visited Parker and Alli’s new baby boy, Harrison. He is so cute and we were so excited for them to have their first baby.

We had to speak in church. That’s always a nightmare, but glad to have it over with.

Later in the month, we celebrated my birthday and George’s birthday with the Grubers. We had grilled chicken and Max made some amazing homemade bread. We made Shelley Larsen’s carrot cake (after having to make it twice thanks to the cake sticking to both round pans!). We have since learned the miraculous trick of using parchment paper cut into circles. Never again will we make that mistake. It turned out really good.

Jason decided to take Charlie to the Father and Son’s camp out. They went to some really nice cabins in Heber. They had a great time and Charlie had a blast playing with this friend, Phoenix.

Charlie’s last day of preschool for the year came. I couldn’t believe how quickly the school year went. They had a little carnival in the classroom that I went and helped with. It was fun to see Charlie in his classroom and some of the kids that he had talked about throughout the year. Some of the memorable friends included Elijah, Harry, Sophia, and Kingston.

Miss Reay - Teacher

Miss Claire - Speech Therapist

The boys and I met up with Amy a few times this month at the park and at Ikea. Amy brought her niece, Blair, along and they were finally able to go to the Ikea play place. It was great. We also ate lunch at the cafe. Good times.

We had Kim and Kyle over for games one night, and another night we went to Cafe Rio with them and came back and watched an edited version of Revenant. Insane and gruesome, but great story!

Phew! What a month!

Here are some more pictures from the month:

finding winter things in the closet

Before and After pic with PG friends

Celebrating Kim's birthday with Arbons:

Some of Charlie's photography of family and friends:

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