Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Colson's Eighteenth Month

(April 6 - May 5)

We finally saw a happy Colson again after his long journey of teething. I love this side of Colson.

Colson loves wrestling and roughhousing with Charlie. He still loves the movie Surfs Up (he calls it Sup, Sup), but he gets over it in within 15 minutes. That is pretty true with any show. Fifteen minutes seems to be his max for movie attention.

If I am around, he still wants me right there with him or holding him. It is pretty challenging for me on many levels.

He loves to feed himself out of a bowl, like yogurt, cereal, applesauce, or whatever it is. I have started putting his food on a plate that has compartments or a muffin tin to help him eat more bits of everything.

Colson naps pretty well. He will usually sleep for two to three hours and I put him down around noon. He is still waking up pretty early in the morning, around 6:30 am, and that is when he usually wants to go downstairs and watch Surfs Up.

He always wants to be outside and he loves seeing the dogs. His favorites are Lottie and Bella. He also loves seeing the cat, Stitch.

Colson gets a lot of attention for his cuteness. He has a great smile and great skin tone. He has olive, tan skin. His hair is still getting lighter, especially with being in the sun more.

As mentioned in the Park City post, I thought Colson got a mild case of chicken pox because of a big fever, he was tired, he had a loss of appetite, he was nauseous, and he had a few spots/sores on this body, but I found out a month later that it was actually Hand Foot Mouth Disease because two of his toenails and a fingernail started dying and falling off. Poor guy. He is such a trooper though. He is pretty tough and doesn't complain much. Along those lines, he is at a stage where he gets lots of head bonks and small injuries and scraps. There are a lot of bruises and goose eggs around this house.

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