Friday, September 2, 2016

Colson's Seventeenth Month

(March 6 - April 5)

Colson’s fifth bottom tooth broke through, and then he started teething with his molars. He has been a demon for weeks! He has had insane tantrums and lots of tears. Hard times. He is very needy around me and constantly wants to be held or for me to be with him. When I am not there he is able to play and be more free.

Like at the gym, for example. He is doing great at the gym. When we get there, we grab a dinosaur toy and sit him in the swing. He watches me leave and he is totally fine. The daycare workers say he only stays in there for a couple of minutes before requesting to get out and going off to play. This little routine is working beautifully.

Colson loves to be outside. He loves the movie Surfs Up. He loves blankets and loves carrying them around. He will take any blanket, but puts a preference to the brown and white blanket from Grandma Arbon that was part of a sheep set from Costco.

He will use the stool now to reach for things on tables or to get into drawers. We have to constantly be on our toes with that boy.

He finally had his fifteen month check up because I forgot about it until now. Here were his measurements:
Weight: 21 lb 1 oz - 15%
Height: 31 in - 19%
Head: 47.6 cm - 63%

These percentages are in comparison to other (nearly) 17 month-olds. He is finally moving up in height. Hurray!

The words he is saying are banana, woof, wa wa (for bottle), no, yes, shhh, baa, meow, veeyo (video), shoes, bye bye, hi, uh-oh, nigh nigh, brrr….and probably others that I forgot to write down. He is growing up quickly and learning so much. It’s great!

Here are some more pictures from the month:

Lots of head bruises in this house with this boy. 

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