Thursday, September 8, 2016

Park City

We went to Park City with my family the last weekend in April to enjoy the newer condos at World Mark. We went up Friday night and had a great time exploring the condo and eating dinner. Just as we were trying to get Charlie to kneel down for prayers before bed, he threw up over Jason’s shoulder. It was totally unexpected and so sad. It was a rough night. He was up two more times during the night throwing up. Jason and I only got two hours of sleep that night because we woke up to any slight sound or moan Charlie would make. We needed to help him throw up in the garbage bin, rather than all over everything.

To our relief, Charlie was able to sleep in and was feeling better by Saturday afternoon. Mom watched Charlie and Colson that afternoon and Jason, Camry, Kim, Kyle, and I went to the outlet malls. When we were done, everyone joined up and we went for a walk down Main Street. After that we went to the hot tub, ate dinner, and then watched the new Star Wars in their theater room that we had reserved. Jason started getting a bad sore throat and was tired and miserable so he left pretty quickly to go to bed.

The next morning, Jason got nauseous and threw up. It was horrible. Miraculously, he felt a little better by the afternoon. We stayed home from church while the others went. When they got back, we went on a walk outside.

Keeping busy while Jason sleeps

That evening we celebrated my birthday and Jason and I grilled chicken. That was pretty tough for Jason because although he was feeling better, he was not 100%. Dinner turned out great and then we played Settlers of Catan. Before the game was over, my mom started getting sick. Luckily, they had the condo reserved until Monday, so she just stayed there that night with my dad rather than trying to pack up and get everything home like the rest of us.

The sick saga continued, and by Tuesday Kim, Bryan, Camry, and Tyson got sick. Ironic that on my actual birthday every single one of my siblings was throwing up and feeling horrible due to a sickness that my family brought. Kyle and Dad got it the next day. What about Colson and myself you might ask? Well, at this same time, we suspected that Colson had a very mild case of chickenpox. He was acting weird, tired, and had no appetite. He had small red sores that turned into little blisters on his hands, a couple on his legs, near his bum, and feet. He had some red bumps by his mouth. It wasn’t until a month later that I realized that what he actually had was probably Hand Foot Mouth. His big toenails and one of his fingernails started dying and falling off, and while I was researching possible causes I found that it is a common aftereffect of having Hand Foot Mouth. So there you have it. And myself, I may have actually been the leader of this whole mess! A week before our Park City trip, one afternoon I started feeling so sick I called bawling to one of the neighbors asking if the kids could play there until Jason got home. I felt horrible! I did end up throwing up that evening and felt better the next day. So, I may have caused this whole string of sickness that came hard and fast, but lasted less than 24 hours.

Bottom line, if anyone in our family is sick we are just going to stay home or leave immediately from now on. No sticking around and hoping they feel better because it can just end up making everyone else miserable. Yikes! Sorry everyone!

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